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Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Top 15 YouTube Beauty Gurus I love and You should follow!

The beauty community on YouTube is undoubtedly huge, and ofcourse expanding daily. Its really diificult to decide which channels to follow and subscribe. So I made a list of my Top 15 YouTube Gurus that I love and have been a religious-hardcore subscriber from the time I've started YouTube-ing. And I recommend you guys to follow too as their tutorials and infos are just awesome!

If you subscribed them after reading this post, please let them know I sent you ^^

1. Michelle Phan -
Shes my very first subscription on YouTube, I truly love her personality and it has inspired me a lot in my life! I still remember the first ever video of hers that I came across; 'Lady Gaga - Bad Romance'. I never knew you can do such things using Makeup! O.O

2. Promise Tamang Phan - 
My another favorite guru, Promise. Shes the sweetest and kindest Nepali Girl I've ever come across. Another true real life inspiration :) Her transformations are just tremendous and so easy to understand and recreate. Her very first video I saw was her 'Barbie Transformation' which was a dream to me! Check this talent out guys, worth a subscribe!

3. Wayne Goss - 
AKA, Gossmakeupartist. Someone who I started to watch at first was a weird feeling. Maybe because hes a guy O.o But trust me people, this guy has some serious skills! His Makeup Techniques, Tips and Tricks are just so fun to watch and understand. I really like the way he interacts in his videos, a realistic mind.

4. Andrea Brooks - 
Shes so Pretttttyyyyyyyy! *_* OMG! Especially her Lips, lol. No seriously guys, this pretty lady is a bomb and has a very fun to watch channel. Her videos are short, sweet and straight to the point, which I love.

5. Julia Graf - 
This inspiring YouTuber is just the one you need to subscribe for all that out-of-the-Edge Looks you fantasize! Very colorful and joyous fun to watch Channel ^^

6. Kandee Johnson - 
Everyone needs that little dose of  laughter everyday, that's right Kandee is the one! Another inspiring and jolly beauty guru that has encouraged me so much! I LOVE YOU KANDEE! <3

7. Jackie O - 
She's 'The Nigerian Beauty' guys! Her sense of humor is just stomach hurting! and guess what? She's been to Kuwait O.O Wooooaaahh! Love her videos so much, very colorful and my kind.

8. Zukreat Nazar - 
A very pretty and young Hijabi Makeup Artist, Zukreat. Owner and founder of 'Artist of Makeup Cosmetics'. Her Bridal transformations are worth a watch!

9. Charis Lincoln - 
Shes a Fairy! Charis is a Disney Fanatic beauty guru, she has created almost all Disney Princesses! 2012 NYX Beauty Awards Winner! Go check her out ASAP!

10. Dulce Candy - 
This pretty Fashionista! I love her Closet-Office Room, OMG dream Room! You will find everything related to beauty, fashion and DIY on her channel.

11. Leesha (xsparkage) - 
Eeeeeee...She's got the prettiest eyes OMG! I love her reviews a lot, the way she explains every detail of a product just sooooo makes you wanna buy it right away! Same are her Makeup looks, just amazing. Check this cutie out!

12. Maya Mia - 
For all my Arab Beauties out there who just love those Dramatic Eyes *_* Maya is your person to watch! I have no words to talk about her splendid jaw dropping work, check it out for yourself.

13. Emma Pickles - 
If you're into more of romantic and sultry looking makeup, then Emma is your girl to watch. She has Smokey Eyes tutorials on every color, you name it! And her Vampire Pale skin makes her look so drop dead gorgeous!

14. Nura (babylailalov) -
Another Hipster Hijabi I adore watching. Her tutorials are just so amazing and she has the cutest daughter Laila ^^ Go check this Moroccan beauty.

15. Yasmine Alom - 
A very talented Makeup Artist Yasmine, shes making amazing videos from a very long time. Checkout this Indian Beauty with amazing makeup skills.

The list doesn't stop here my friends, these are the top 15 I love watching and getting inspired! Other gurus I love are 
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  1. how can u miss out on Jaclyn Hill and Emily Noel ^_^