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Sunday, 22 June 2014

Review: Bourjois Rouge Edition 'Velvet' in the shade 'Grand Cru'

This if for all you Vampy Lip lovers out there :)

As you know, I'm not a big fan of Reds, Magentas and Maroons. I just don't like the way it looks on me, but you guys say it suits me sometimes. So I'm gonna review this product for you guys cause' I'm freaking loving it!

This is the new Rouge Edition 'Velvet' by Bourjois, yes for the 100th time, Bourjois again! I love them so much ^^ Anyhu, Liquid Lipsticks are totally inn at the moment. Literally every brand is making them, NYX, Milani, Karaza, Loreal, etc. (I love the NYX one as well, reviewing them next!) So basically a liquid lipstick is an opaque lipgloss that comes in glossy, matte or sheer textures.

The Bourjois Rouge Edition 'Velvet's has a beautiful non-drying velvet matte finish and is buildable. You can layer on the product without it clumping up as most of the matte lip stains do. It claims to last upto 24 hours, but seriously who wears lipstick for that long? In my experience, the shade starts to fade after 4-5 hours and also it doesn't completely dry up, it still transfers on your cups, food, hands, etc.

It comes totally in 8 shades. Every color is unique and beautiful, every personality can find their preferred shade. Once you're at the booth, the decision in tough :( 

It has the regular slant foam lipgloss applicator. The product is true to its color and very opaque. It swatches very faintly on the hands, but trust me, on the lips its super opaque and pigmented! Well my camera is picking the color very faint, but in person this shade 'Grand Cru' is the bloodiest maroon.

Here's the swatches for the Lipstick with and without flash (with flash looks shiny coz of the flash guys, its matte finish)

Where to Buy and Price?

Well, as always you can pick up this product from any Bourjois counters at Boots, VaVaVoom, Debenhams, Center Point, Max, etc. all over Kuwait.

It Retails for around KD5.25

Thanks so much for reading. Happy Makeup-ing! :)

Saturday, 14 June 2014

Review: No7 Anti-Dark Spot Facial Sun Protection

Welcome my 'Extreme Summer Heat' Victims of Kuwait! :)

Other day while shopping for...Makeup ofcourse...the Bourjois Sales Lady at Boots hooked me up to this amazing Sun Block Lotion from No7. 

I've never actually got so fascinated by SPF Lotions or creams, but just to save my face from the fireballs in Kuwait at the moment I decided to get a good one. And guess what? This is the first time I've spent KD7 on a skincare product and not cried about it later on! Thanks to the sweet Bourjois sales lady ^^ that's why its my fav drugstore brand! 

Firstly, lets talk about its packaging. Very basic, sleek and simple. I liked now the 'No7' Logo is so in focus on the white background. On seeing the box itself, you can know its a sunscreen.

The actual product comes in a tube, which is awesome! You can control the amount of product you want on every use. Simple white tube with a sun-yellow lid opening, very summery!

So the product claims the following:

  • Ultra UVA Protection
  • 50+ SPF UVB Sunscreen
  • Hypo Allergenic - Suitable for all skin types
  • Anti-Dark Spot and reduces Hyper Pigmentation
  • Anti-Aging
  • No-shine lotion
  • Water Resistant
  • Non-pore blocking

I'm really enjoying this stuff. Everything the product claims is absolutely true, except it being an anti-shine formula. After the sun screen sets in, you still can see the shine. I'd recommend to use a translucent powder on top if you have oily / combination skin. If not, then you're good to go :)

The lotion itself is very thick and creamy, which, according to me, a sunscreen should be. As it will form a sturdy and thick layer on your skin protecting from the sun. It has this hint of brightening white caste, which is not so obvious once the product is well blended. This is the essential part which helps reduces the dark spots and pigmentation.

Where to Buy and Price:

All No7 products are available in any Boots store all around Kuwait.
It retails for KD7

Thanks for Reading!



Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Review: 4pc Pro Blender Puff Sponge - Dupe for 'Beauty Blender'

There are many dupes out there for Beauty Blender but none are even close to the job that the beauty blender does!

Today I'm gonna be reviewing the '4pc Pro Blender Puff Sponge' from 'Monster Bundle'.
I have an in-depth review and 'how to use' for the Original Beauty Blender as well, Click HERE to read it :)

So firstly, I'm a fan of anything colourful and cute :D So right after looking at the packaging, I fell in love!

So basically you get 4 pieces in the box, all different colours, blue, purple, hot pink and beige. I like how compactly it is packed, you can store them this way even after use without losing them and also it takes minimum storage space. Perfect if you're carrying it around when travelling or if you're a Makeup Artist.

You get 2 sponges Oval shaped and 2 sponges curved oval shaped. Undoubtedly the quality is excellent. It is made of a Very sturdy and latex-free material which will last you for a really long time.

Same as the Beauty Blender, You can use it dry or damped. And it also grows (a lot) when damped!

Comparison - Beauty Blender V/s Pro Blender Puff

Now lets compare the Original Beauty Blender with Pro Blender. Firstly, The Pro Blender is bigger in size either when damped or dry. Also it is denser than the Beauty Blender, actually a lot denser, which concludes us to point that its blending ability takes a while comparatively.

As I said earlier, the pro blender is made of a very sturdy material, which doesn't allow you as much ease while using in areas like around the nose, inner corner of eye, around the mouth, etc. comparing to the Beauty Blender. But still, it does a good job blending the foundation on the rest of the face.

How to Use

Using it is the same as any other beauty sponge, checkout my pictorial for it HERE.

Where to Buy and Price?

I bought mine from an Instagram Seller @1_usa_shop 

This is the best part, the price! 4 pieces just for KWD 6.5 :) Score! Therefore each blender is gonna cost you just KD1.625, now comparatively to the single price of an original Beauty Blender, thats far far away!

You can also order it online from HERE for just $9.5


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