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Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Review: Loreal Paris 'HYDRAFRESH Anti-Shine Icy Gel' - Best Moisturizer for Combination / Oily skin in Kuwait!

Its really hard to find good drug-store moisturizers for Combination to Oily skin. Most of them available out there are too greasy or too drying.

I have a combination skin which gets super oily and weird during extreme summer, especially my nose and chin. Even after using a primer under my foundation, I can literally blot a patch of oil from my nose during extreme heat.

It is said to use Gel based moisturizers and cleansers for Oily skins, but how many are really out there for the same? 20 years of my life, I never came across anything that will not make my face look like a grease ball after applying it! And I'm talking drug-store here, not high end. Spending 21-25KD (almost 89$) for a moisturizer? Nah..

Even though I absolutely loved trying the Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Gel at their counter at VaVaVoom, My brain didn't agree on spending 21KD something for a 125ml bottle *sob*

So yay for my spirit of being a hunter, I came across this amazing stuff at Lu&Lu Hypermarket, Qurain. 
Loreal Hydrafresh Anti-Shine Icy Gel

I've been using this for 10 days approximately and absolutely love it! It has all the that an oily skin needs on a hot summer weather. 

This is what it claims and directs

It claims to be All-day Hydrating and Matifying, which is 100% correct, Plus I have also noticed that it doesn't mix up with the products you apply later on your skin (primer, foundation, concealer, etc.) So basically it sets into your skin super quickly. The application is very smooth and silky and ofcourse the product is not at all greasy.

I love the color of it, very fresh looking and calming!

You get 50ml of product which is a very decent amount. As it is a gel formula, perfect for oily or combination skin. It has this cooling effect which re-freshens you up, especially in this weather we need something like this!

Upon application, ofcourse it dries clear. 
CAUTION - AVOID EYE CONTOUR AREA, Just because it has this cooling effect and might get your eye very sensitive and watery.

Where to Buy and Price?

This is easily available at any drugstore or supermarkets in the Beauty section. I got mine from Lu&Lu Hypermatket, Qurain.
It retails within KD3 (don't remember the exact price :s )
I know a bit pricey for drugstore product, but better than 21KD :)

I hope I helped you guys and I hope you will try this stuff out to beat the heat!

Stay in touch and Happy Makeup-ing!

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Meet Talal Morcos in Kuwait for a Live Makeup Demonstration!

Here's some amazing news for all you Makeup Maniacs out there, Talal Morcos is going to be doing a live Makeup Show in Harvey Nichols, Grand Avenues Kuwait!

If you don't know who Talal is? OMG you need to checkout his work ASAP HERE

I myself am so honoured and blessed to be certified by this amazing man, he is pure original talent! Most of his work you see on his social media are photoshop-free. How amazing is that?

So come along on 16th May and see for yourself his Magic!

16th May 2014, Friday
Harvey Nichols, Grand Avenues, Kuwait
4:30pm - 8:30pm
Everyone is Invited!
for more info, contact - +965 22283008

I'll be there as well! Come say Hi if you see me <3 I'd love to meet you guys! :)