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Monday, 21 July 2014

♥ Sister Tag ♥ Get to know me better ♥

Hey Guys! I filmed this fun Tag for you all to enjoy and know a little more about me as a person and my life :)

Meet my Sister, Abeer. My Soul sister, my baby, my bestest friend and my everything! The tag consists of 25 questions ans some randomness.

1. How old are you both?
2. Describe each other in one word?
3. Do people ever get you mixed up?
4. What is something that annoys you about one another?
5. What is it like being sister with a youtube "guru"?
6. Do you ever argue?
7. Whats the best thing about one another?
8. What pranks did you pull on each other?
9. Fave inside joke?
10. Worst memory together?
11. Full sisters/half/step?
12. Guess each others fave singer?
13. Who takes longer to get ready
14. Heels or flats?
15. Pants or dresses?
16. Favorite animal?
17. If your house was burning down, and your entire family was sure to be okay, what would you save and why?
18. Comedy, horror, or chick-flick?
19. Blackberry or iPhone?
20. Favorite movie?
21. What is something weird that you eat?
22. Do you guys have anything matching?
23. What's your favorite TV show?
24. If you could go anywhere in the world together where would it be and why?
25. What's your sisters Fav color?

Hope you guys enjoy it and i'd love to make more videos like these if you want me to, comment and let me know :)

Watch HERE:

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Wearable Simple Day Time Eid Makeup Tutorial

Hey Guys! So here's my take on a very simple makeup tutorial suitable for wearing on Eid Day. As a lot of you were requesting me to do a simple wearable makeup for people who don't prefer to cake up but still wanna look special :)

You can also wear this look to any formal event or Iftar Parties. Keep reading for full product details with pics :)

This summer I've been loving this Aloe Vera Gel Moisturizer from Boots, it also doubles up as a foundation primer. On Eid you wanna use something really moisturizing under your makeup to protect your skin.

You guys have been really tired of seeing this in every tutorial of mine, lol! But undoubtedly these both right here are my holy grail ^^ Go checkout my Review on the ever so cute Beauty Blender HERE . Using a Beauty Blender will give you a flawless finish and also a full coverage effortlessly.

Another love of my life is this MAC Studio Finish Concealer, I'm in shade NC30. Uing a lighter concealer under your eyes will give you a highlighted look instantly. I like to apply it using the Beauty Blender as well.

I set my whole face with this NYX Twin Cake Compact Powder in shade 'Soft Beige'. It will help your makeup last longer and also avoid your skin to get oily.

For my brows as usual used the Isa Dora Eyeshadow Palette in Matte Chocolates and set them in place with H&M Brow Fix Gel.

For Eyeshadow Primer I used the MUA Pro Base Eye Primer. You always wanna use an eye primer no matter what look you are going for. It really helps to Intensify the color of the eyshadow you gonna use and also help it last all day without creasing.

All Eyeshadows used are from the ELF 144 Neutral Eyeshadow Palette. I really recommend this palette for Everyone, like everyone can have it and make a good use of it weather you are a MUA or an everyday user. Amazing color payoff and very affordable. I got mine from an instagram seller @barbieshopq8 for KD10 only!

I didn't use any Liquid liner or kohl for this look as I wanted it to be very simple and fresh. So to add some definition, I applied trillion coats of my fav mascara in the whole wide wold; Bourjois Volume Glamour MAX Definition. Also I have avoided using falsies to make it look more natural.

To Add some color to my face I used the Bourjois Delice de Poudre in shade 51 and for blush I used the Mikyajy blush I got in one of their sets. Its a light baby pink shade that will instantly brighten up the whole look.

Lastly finishing it off with NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in the shade 'Istanbul' which is a beautiful baby pink color. On Eid you wanna use something Matte and longlasting, so using a Liquid Lipstick is the perfect choice.

So this is the final Look :)

Hope you guys enjoyed the look as much as I enjoyed filming it! Watch the Video below and don't forget to Subscribe and Rate the video, also comment your requests :)

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Inglot Cosmetics in Kuwait

There are a lot of Makeup Brands unavailable in Kuwait like Nars, Anastasia Baverly Hills, Pixi, Lorac, Illamasqua, Hard Candy, etc. Inglot was one of those brands until I sighted it at Avenues, well it is not new, it has been there since 2 years or so. In-spite of me literally living in Avenues everyday, I didn't know it until a week ago. And I know I'm not the only one who didn't know this, therefore I decided I'll do a detailed blogpost for you guys :)

Image Courtesy - Lulu's Blog
Here's what exactly happened is, I got out from Office Depot and walked towards right like I always did while passing that area. Then suddenly I saw Colors *_* (you see the in the picture the shelves on the right, those are lipsticks and nail polishes) jaw dropped! And my pocket got a hole for sure! I had to buy something from this heavenly place :P

So there is only one Inglot Cosmetics store in Kuwait. Its in Avenues 

My Inglot Makeup Haul

I'm a sucker for multi-purpose stuff, let it be an everyday tool or Makeup! So therefore all the 3 stuffs I picked are multi-functional.

The First thing that I wanted to own from a really long time was their Cream Blush, well I'm not a huge fan of blushes, but the color range they have had me mesmerized! *_* Plus, they can be doubled up as a lip stain as well as an eyeshadow base! I got mine in shade #94.

Second Product I picked up is their World Famous Waterproof Gel Eyeliner in the shade #76 which is a matte white that can also be used as Eye shadow base. The last thing I got was the Multicolour System Face / Eyes / Body Highlighting Powder in #88 which again can be doubled up as Eyeshadows :)

I highly recommend Inglot cosmetics if you are looking for some good quality affordable High End Makeup other than MAC. Absolutely love their packaging, really good quality.

Thanks for Reading and as always Happy Makeup-ing! ^^