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Friday, 28 November 2014

Makeup on a Budget in Kuwait - Contour / Concealer Palettes

Talk about contouring and how can I not include a pic of Kim K?
Contour palettes have hyped in the makeup industry for a couple of years now, After Kim's Makeup Artist Mario Dedivanovic made a it huge with the funny pics we all have seen using Banana Powder!

How can any cosmetic company not take the advantage of this and bring in eye catchy and super-duper expensive Contour palettes? Well every brand has one of their own now. You can ask a kid and she will know whats contouring; "Oh it makes your face slimmer" or "It makes your nose small".

I used to use the Coastal Scents Eclipse palette for cream contouring and sculpting, It did an 'Okay' job. You get 4 correctors and 11 contour and highlight shades. The correctors are useless and the shades can't be used for concealing purposes. I got mine from an Instagram seller for 7KD I guess, which i thought was a lot for the quality I got.

So lemme introduce you guys to the 2 cream contour palettes that I've been using for almost a year now and I don't see the need to get any other branded stuff.

The first one is this 'Golden Lady' Corrector Palette which is my second one because I absolutely love it! You guys wont believe but it is so much better than the coastal scents one!

It is available in 3-4 shades depending on your undertone; Warm, Cool or Neutral (Read HERE to know how to determine your undertone) Majority of my clients and Models are Warm undertoned so I always get the Shade 001.

(sorry the shades look really washed out and pale,but they are more skin like in person)
Basically you get 4 shades; I use the lightest as an highlight color and the darkest for contouring. I always do the contouring after foundation so that I have a perfect canvas to work on. Depending on the skin shade I mix and match my colors. And trust me, these 4 shades are more than enough for me work on any kinda Warm Skin, rather than beating my head with a huge ass palette with a billion colors.

Speaking of the blendability of the colors, it is seamlessly flawless! Each shade is so creamy and so easy to cook on the skin. I was actually very impressed with the quality of this palette for the price I was paying. I don't think there is any need for me to go back to any other branded palette now.

Now for the part you'll have been waiting for, Can you guess how much I paid for this? Just 2KD!! Yup, not lying :) I guess the prices may vary depending on the location where you get it from, but I don't think You will get it for more than 3KD max. Isn't that a jaw-dropping deal? Yup you can remember me in your prayers everyday looking at your sculpted cheeks in the mirror, lol!

You can ask for this brand in any local Makeup shops and most of them will have it. I got mine from a shop in Salmiya, opposite Marina Mall.

The second one I really love is from a brand called 'Red Star'. Its a local Kuwaiti brand owned and produced by 'Makeup Al- Mansour'. Its a chain of shops all over Kuwait with some amazing and affordable stuff. I'm their loyal customer since I was in school maybe, lol. You can find brands like Milani, Deborah, L.A Splash, L.A Girl, Smiling, etc. exclusively only at Makeup Al- Mansour.

This wheel comes in 4 shades as well and you get a contour shade, a corrector and a concealer which also can be used for highlighting. I have mine in shade 02, which is a neutral. Very creamy and easy to work with. This also retails for KD2 and there wouldn't be any fluctuation in prices as its exclusive to Makeup Al- Mansour only.

What I also like about these both products is that you get a huge Ingredients list, so if you're allergic to anything specific you can compare.

These are all their branches all over Kuwait and I'm sure you will find one near you :)

I hope you guys liked my first post on the Series - Makeup on a Budget in Kuwait.
Lemme know if you tried any of the palette and how it worked out for you, also tell me what to talk about in my next post :)


Thursday, 27 November 2014

Makeup Products on a Budget in Kuwait - Local Makeup

Let's talk facts here.. who doesn't like to own every single MAC Lipstick? or every single shade of Makeup Forever Aqua Liners? Well I do! Makeup in Kuwait is quiet expensive, duh, let it be high end or a drugstore brand.

In midst of all this "Brand" oriented attraction of companies, and their very amazing advertising strategies, darn they get me every-time to buy every Naked Palette! :'(
We are forgetting the locally available and produced brands in Kuwait. Which are as amazing as 'Branded' stuff out there.

Being bought up in Kuwait, I had no idea what was MAC, Sephora or even Maybelline till like 5 years ago. I'm not saying I used crappy green lipstick which stained your lips for forever before that, but there is so much more to it when I say local Kuwaiti makeup.

So, I wanna start this series where I'll be talking about my favorite Makeup products every week that I've been using for a while now and I don't see the need to spend 10KD for the same on a 'Branded' one.

So lemme know in the comments if you want me to talk about something in particular, like concealer, blushes, eyeliners, etc.

Staring tomorrow, my first product is gonna be Contour Palettes as a lot of you have been asking me what I use on my models and clients. And trust me, you wont be disappointed :)